Parents claim Lyneham Oval survey not objective

Parents claim Lyneham Oval survey not objective

You can view the NO case on our website, and when ready do the survey.

Minister Shane Rattenbury has recently released a survey to gather more community feedback on the Brindabella Christian College proposal to sub-lease and develop a portion of Lyneham Neighbourhood Oval.

A common complaint at Sport & Recreation Services’ information session for Lyneham Primary School parents was the perception of a strong bias towards supporting the proposal in both the survey and SRS presentations on the day.

The SRS-led meeting on 21 August at LPS indicated that SRS has been placed in a position of marketing the proposal on behalf of Brindabella. Given the proposal appears, on face value, to provide some benefit to sporting and recreation users of the Oval this could be understood, but it is not a balanced or objective view.

Attendee comments about the survey included that it is misleading through its inference that facilities would be for regular “community use”, but with nothing about sub-leases, BCC being in charge of who could access the facility and when, or costs incurred or defrayed to the ACT ratepayers and schools (eg. land-use, revenue,  ongoing maintenance).

Other issues raised included the misleading information on the car park providing more spaces , but not counting the spaces that would be REMOVED from BCC’s car park. It was also indicated that extensive consultation had occurred between the three schools but it became apparent that minimal discussions had occurred.

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