Share the Oval ! It’s Springtime !

Share the Oval ! It’s Springtime !

LCA would like to revel in the joys of Spring! Come and have a Spring-thing-fling !

Stick this in your calendar.

On Sunday September 20th at 1pm come on down to the Oval and share the Open Space with all the community. Bring a plate of food to share if you like, something for the open picnic.

If you’re a musician please come and share your talent with us.

Bring your kids, dogs, friends, bats and balls and come and meet all the locals, and then some. This is an open, non-partisan, non-political free for all. Although a little sporting competitiveness may come into play!

We have confirmed with our local Lyneham Oval mystic that all is guaranteed to be fine, a beautiful spring day !!

Come on down, discuss and share your love of Lyneham and maybe make some new friends.


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