Welcome new committee members…

Welcome new committee members…

We have two new committee members, Trevor Vickers and Ken Taylor.

Both gentlemen have shown a keen interest in how the LCA has progressed it’s activities, with a specific interest in the BCC proposal.

Ken has joined us in the always unappreciated, but necessary, task as our ‘Chief Financial Officer’, aka Treasurer.

Trevor has joined the committee and is our new spokesperson on all things Lyneham Neighborhood Oval related, including the BCC (BCEL – Brindabella Christian Education Limited) proposal to develop a portion of the Oval.

All members have received a draft statement for comment and our position was ratified at our last meeting.

LCA will be issuing an updated statement on the BCEL proposal in the very near future…stay tuned.

In the meantime, please welcome two new shoulders to the burden of the heavy wheel that LCA is always turning. Thanks, Ken and Trevor.

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