Media coverage on BCEL proposal

Media coverage on BCEL proposal

There’s been quite a bit of media on the BCEL proposal lately:

BCEL making it’s statement that the Lyneham community are being deceptive and misleading here

A response to our concerns of distributing misinformation here

A Canberra Times editorial here

Our proposal on a new management model ‘micro-COSM’ for the LNO here

We are happy to take on all views regarding the BCEL proposal.


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  1. Lyneham lover

    Dear LCA,
    Thank you very much for all your efforts of liaison with the BCEH and SRS, and keeping the Lyneham community informed on this proposal. I know you’ve copped flack and it’s been a pretty thankless task but without your assistance I don’t think the individual community members would have presented as strong and united a force against the BCEH, particularly with the SRS predisposed to supporting the proposal.

    I look forward to the introduction of the micro-COSM and the regeneration of our much loved oval, for use of all the community, and hope the BCEH will change their unchristian attitude and make an effort to join the community in future rather than belittling and reviling us in letterbox drops and the media.

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