Lyneham Community Association incorporated Feb 3rd 2015. Our aim is
To protect, promote and enhance the well­being of the Lyneham community.

Who can join?

Any resident of Lyneham or the area north of  MacArthur Ave in O’Connor aged 16 years and over is eligible to join. Associate member is available to those residing outside the area, subject to Committee approval.

LCA Area1

Membership is free. You can join online.

Our purpose is summarised here:

1. Foster and promote community identity and involvement in the well­being of Lyneham

2. Provide a local forum for informing and voicing issues relevant to the Lyneham community

3. Promote easy access to a wide variety of community facilities

4. Inform legislators and officials of resident community needs and expectations

5. Contribute to planning of Lyneham, North Canberra and Canberra as a whole.

Our full objectives and the rules governing the LCA can be found in our Constitution.


Committee Members at August 2020:

Chair: Gordon McAllister

Deputy Chair: Trevor Vickers

Secretary: Angela Rymer

Treasurer: Angela Seymour

Ordinary Members: Gail Caspersz, Maeli Cooper, Nicole Deen, Karlene Dickens, Damien O’Connor


Public Officer: Nicole Deen

Committee page (restricted access)