micro-COSM a bold step forward

micro-COSM a bold step forward

This week the LCA proposed a new model for management of Open Space, particularly regarding the LNO (Lyneham Neighborhood Oval).

The model proposes a community led management of caring, improvement and development of Open Space based on community input for it’s needs.

The model plan can be viewed here

The Lyneham Community Association (LCA) proposes micro-COSM: a community-led
management model for the Lyneham portion of the ACT Open Space Network, in order to
manage and preserve Lyneham’s open space for the benefit of local residents and visitors.
The word microcosm, meaning ‘a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristics of something much larger’ appropriately captures the spirit of what we see Lyneham’s open space becoming. COSM stands for Community Open Space Management, and so “micro-COSM” is our adopted name for our implementation of a community-led management model used successfully in many contexts and many countries.
The core objectives of Lyneham’s micro-COSM are to:
●Encourage, promote and facilitate recreational, cultural, social, and educational
pastimes and activities
●Promote and provide for the physical and mental health, well-being and development
of members of the local community
●Improve the land in such a way as to promote and facilitate its use to achieve the other
core objectives


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  1. waterwoman

    Excellent idea with room for lots of mini projects and new ideas. Opportunities for larger funding once we’ve established a format etc. I can see this allowing for change if time requires it. All around opportunities for exciting innovative inclusive green space activities.
    I had a burst of ideas:
    Ask a birdwatching expert to come walk and talk here.
    Ask a photographer, ditto.
    Landscape painter, horticulturist…you get the idea. Invite them to share our space, their knowledge, invite the community to enjoy different aspects of the space.
    Start small, there are probably skilled expert people amongst our members who could offer to share. Maybe?? Anyone??

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