Welcome the Lyneham Community Association

Welcome the Lyneham Community Association

The catalyst for our formation was the recent Development Application by Brindabella Christian College on parts of Lyneham Neighbourhood Oval (LNO) and a community meeting that arose as part of the process. Since the withdrawal of the DA a number of people began thinking and talking about what we thought Lyneham would look like into the future and so our association was born.

We became an incorporated association under the act on 3rd February this year (2015).

The aim of the association is:
to protect, promote and enhance the economic, cultural, social and environmental well being of the Lyneham community that has easy access to a wide variety of excellent and appropriate community facilities by pursuing a number of complementary objectives.

One of our bigger campaigns is to have a formal precinct plan for our oval and the adjoining open spaces between Mouat & Wattle Sts.

As the last suburb plan was published circa 2003 we will also be advocating for an updated Lyneham Plan and have this and the oval precinct plan incorporated into the territory plan so together we can create a Liveable, Lovable, Lyneham for now and well into the future as vital part of a vibrant and prosperous Canberra.

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