LCA AGM Summary

LCA AGM Summary

Due to some pressing issues with members commitments and our general desire to be as inclusive as possible, LCA went from idea to formal incorporation to opening up all positions, in the space of one month !

The AGM attendees saw some great information provided by our guest speakers.

Tony Fraser, general manager of the Lyneham ‘Nextgen’ sports centre gave us a early insight into the state of development, what’s being offered and when it is opening.

Meg Clark presented the work to date on the Lyneham Commons which, despite a number of regulatory and planning hurdles, is inching towards realisation.

We greatly appreciated the interest and attendance of both Shane Rattenbury and Steve Doszpot. We look forward to working with them and other Members as we progress the vision for Lyneham.

The floor was thrown open for nominees to all positions and all but one member, due to their withdrawal, was returned. But we gained another two general committee members, the vibrant Meg Clark, convenor of the Lyneham Commons and the understated but always practical Ern Kennedy.

The committee members are here.

Rob Wilson spoke of his vision to engage the community in presenting a discussion on why we (LCA) came about and the impending large scale changes to the makeup of the suburb. That Open Space becomes an increasingly valuable asset as population density grows and some good examples of open space for community use exist in the Gunghalin precinct. He impressed that we want to be practically involved with agencies in influencing ‘best practices’ into our future development.

Steve, an LCA general member, raised discussion about the current state of the Lyneham wetlands and how it came to fruition.

Efforts will continue to keep our engagement strong, at both a government and community level and we intend to redouble our awareness campaign across Lyneham.

Our ability to get out and about is limited by all our personal and professional commitments, but we hope to make contact with each and every Lyneham resident in some way over the next few months.

Keep an eye out for our next meeting, we hope to see you there! We do need your attendance and participation to keep Lyneham Loveable and Liveable for not just current, but also future generations.

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