New footpaths proposed for Old Lyneham

New footpaths proposed for Old Lyneham

Residents of the streets just westward of Brigalow – Lewin, Gill and Longstaff have submitted a request for footpaths to be be built. Something most residents take for granted has long been missing from this area.
The Roads ACT response to all residents in the area is attached.


  1. Alison Oakeshott

    The LCA responded, prior to deadline, and supported – in principle – the proposed plan for new local footpaths which will help young families with prams, junior bike riders enroute to local schools and people with mobility challenges. Municipal infrastructure 55 years after establishment is better than never and helps everyone!

    We requested – design to accessibility codes, protection during construction for the mature treescape and consideration of autumn slip and trip risks as some streets in the plan have big street oaks. We flagged aged infrastructure issues with subterrean leaking pipes eg Lewin St & the adhoc local replacement of the 1950’s power poles necessitating emergency dig ups of existing verges, gardens and roads and – potentially – the new footpaths. If residents have specific queries re engineering or technical design Canberra Connect is best placed to convey these questions to TAMS.

    Cheers, Alison – LCA Public Officer

    1. Thank you Alison.
      That is nice to read as it addresses my earlier questions/doubts about LCA Inc.’s stance. The problem in inserting footpaths in any mature Suburb (and that certainly describes ‘old’ Lyneham), is that while it is easiest to install them at the curb-side, Bryn C. is correct about the issues in a busy street such as the current examples of Cossington-Smith, Archibald and Mackennal (and all Bus routes).
      Pedestrians on double-bin days weave in and out.
      The practical problem is that folk will extend their gardens onto ‘their’ nature strip as well ! Thus there are greater practical difficulties in getting a footpath installed ex post facto, as in Wattle Street along the boundary line, this late in the game.
      Ah well, as I understand it, the Submission is now into a lengthy queue of such proposals.
      Incidentally, for true safety’s sake LCA could have added a bid for the little short extension of the Mackennal Street’s Dickson-bound last Bus-stop’s recent dinky re-paving so as to join that up better to the Archibald Street path, so that in the twilight and the gloom the ANU students (invariably dressed in black !) going back home to MaryMacKillop after lectures, weren’t stumbling over the nature-strip with the rat-running cars coming up fast from behind them. Far worse risk than walking in the road in the culs de sac (well, crescents) of Lewin and Longstaff, etc.

      Cheerio ! JD

    1. Chair

      Hi Bryn,
      welcome to our site. My apologies for the tardiness of my welcome.

      Agree that footpaths are better when there is a buffer zone between the road and the path but sometimes there are constraints (that are not always obvious) that force them being placed next to the road.

      Bins are a hassle but cars parked on or across a path are actually breaking the law and could be reported to the rangers.

  2. Hello yet again,
    So, WHAT is the use of this, when the 26 MAY letter to affected Residents said that their cut-off date for any comments was 9 June ?
    Did LCA Inc. get any extension ?
    Do you have any actual view.
    Should footpaths be on the curb, or on the fence-line for greater pedestrian safety ?
    Flagging something after the cut-off is daft.
    But presumably the TAMS Department do not perceive LCA to be of even slight relevance, if LCA only just found out, out of the loop ?
    Of course, LCA wouldn’t have expect me to have told you myself, but I suppose (like me) a fair few affected Residents reckon LCA Inc is totally preoccupied with Brigalow Street and Lyneham Oval self-interest issues.
    Previously, I did try to say/explain why LCA Inc. needed to re-cast GOAL 1 of LCVA Inc., but you think I am being negative.
    So, good luck with being more relevant to the whole Suburb, and with your informing more Residents of your ‘wider’ community Goals. I wish. JD

    1. Chair

      Good evening John,
      as I have offered before get involved

      It is easy criticise from the side lines Your obvious expertise and passion could prove invaluable in helping create a even better liveable, loveable Lyneham

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