What makes Lyneham Lovable and Liveable?

What makes Lyneham Lovable and Liveable?

We;re on a hunt for buried treasure.

We want to know from the residents of Lyneham what makes it special, unique, interesting and exciting for them to be a part of this community.

Do you like the social life at the shops? The accessibility to the city? The wetlands? O’Connor Ridge? The open spaces? Is there something quirky and cool in your neighbours yard? Interesting people, artists, musicians, authors, researchers, explorers, battlers, long time residents?

Tell us here on the comments or email Lyneham Community Association


  1. Alison Oakeshott

    I love Lyneham’s magnificant oak trees, but the autumn leaf drop can clog the 1950’s drains impacting algae nutrient levels and decreasing water quality in Sullivan’s creek & Lake B-G. If you have space in your garden it’s very helpful to rescue & compost some of the leaves. Clearing local storm water drain entry points of leaves and acorns with a rake from the curb is another great way you can help . We’ve done central Lewin, Boyd & Brigalow sts near St Ninian’s.

  2. Lyneham Lover

    The oval is a treasure, one of the few open spaces for the community as a whole to use and enjoy. Other treasures include the historic architecture of St Ninians church and the Old Canberra inn, both of which need preserving. Another is our diversity of religious worship, there are five religions with churches and chapels in Lyneham from my count, though I may have missed one or two.

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