Lyneham Oval and Future Plans Update

Lyneham Oval and Future Plans Update

LCA met with Sport & Rec (SRS) and others regarding the oval (see below for a report for the April meeting of the NCCC)

An interesting point is that the discussion was about the Lyneham Community Precinct.

We are unsure if this was a cognisant remark that the whole area is under consideration and will have to check that further.

There is a proposal for a community forum in early to mid May which will discuss the previous Record of key points from Brindabella College Public Forum 20 November 2014 and issues arising from that meeting.

We will have further discussions with SRS prior to the proposed public forum to answer some of the questions still outstanding from the November BCC meeting and others that have arisen since.

If you have any particular questions please pop them into the comments box below or send us an email

Report for NCCC April General Meeting

Report of the meeting with SRS:

Our chair, Denis, and Deputy Chair, Rob Wilson, attended a meeting at Sport & Recreation Services (SRS) to discuss the Draft ‘Lyneham Community Precinct Plan’ and Proposed Next Steps for re-engaging with the Lyneham Community.

There were two representatives each from Sport & Rec, Brindabella Christian College and ACT Planning with experience in this area of development and consultation.

Lyneham Community Association is engaging in this process with the intention of helping to create a ‘model’ for future community engagement and build a framework for doing it ‘right’ before DA submissions are made and/or other plans are set in the proverbial stone. There is considerable work to be done and some fences to mend with particular regard to the BCC proposals put forth last year, however a bit of goodwill and some honest discourse will see us work better together in future.

SRS will hold a public forum in early May to discuss with the community the issues raised at the previous public meeting held at BCC November last year. This is envisaged to be the first step in a three stage process within a fairly compressed time frame to consult and feedback on various issues. Done properly, which is the hope and intention of those engaged in the process, it will create something better for the wider community as a whole.

Discussion and focus, at this stage, will be limited to the parcels of land that make up the oval and the small car park along Brigalow St. At some stage other stakeholders with interests in land in surrounding areas will need to be engaged so that as one example only a bike path junction can be built to feed into BCC and other parts of the oval.

As part of the presentation we were shown some possible layouts for future extensions to Lyneham Primary School the ACT Education Directorate may be thinking about. These plans are not concrete and are subject to further investigation by Education regarding the community need and desirability of extending the primary school.

We hope that a long term plan for the area will be a medium term outcome that will start with this process. Further discussions with responsible parties are continuing and this goodwill is a great start to esnuring the community needs are responded to and met in any future plans.

If you have any comments please email the Chair or post them on this page. All considerations are welcome.


  1. waterwoman

    So, did you all get emails from Jenny Priest today? A ‘save the date’ for 7-9pm Wed 17th June location tba. BCC would like to talk with the community about a revised proposal.
    The words are ‘to recommission the LNO for formal hire and use by the community, including the construction of a sports pavilion and associated carparking.’
    Is this statement saying that the oval is currently ‘out of commission’
    I want to state clearly here (again) that I cannot see it as necessary that there be another oval for formal use in this area. Every weekday the ovals across Mouat St are available. There is enough opportunity for organised sports activity. Perhaps a sports pavilion would be more suitable in that arena?
    Remove the pavilion and there is no need for carparking.
    We can make the oval ‘greener’ by using other ideas, we can make the entire green open space available for less formal activities. This is the world wide trend to heathier happier communities.

  2. waterwoman

    We keep hearing about possibilities and maybes, very difficult to think about them until they are looming over our heads. Are we going to suggest a lot of possibles and maybes? Do we need to present a ‘development plan’ of our own for the entire green bit? I’m a bit lost at present. I feel that you want input, but I suspect we need some parameters for community input. Can you give us a clear indication of what you are wanting? Is it dialogue? Participation? Discussion? Concrete ideas? Consensus of opinion? Perhaps clear questions will help people respond.

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