Engagement and discussion…

Engagement and discussion…

This post was discovered recently and, with a little tongue in cheek, we thought it meets our own considerations with regard to consultation, transparency and honesty.

Democracy does not preclude the continued voice of a local community, or interested party(ies) to continually engage in the decision making process of it’s elected representatives.

If this were not true, why would lobby groups from all corners of industry, corporations and other powerful elites exist? They certainly press their voice of opinion into all levels of government. Many with great success, so why not a community organisation?



  1. waterwoman

    I am recently inspired by some newish ideas and terminologies which I will share.
    Concept 1. Regenerative sustainability -the notion of doing good or creating net positive outcomes in the provision of ecosystem goods and services.
    This means, for example, building structures that not only do no harm, but that actually improve or add value to the ecosystem (a building that catches it’s own rainwater, then cleans it before returning it to the water table).
    Concept 2. Ecohealth -the premise that ecosystem health and human health are interrelated and ‘mutually synergistic’. This means that good ecosystem health promotes and allows for good human health from the basics up.
    Concept 3. Watershed based models of management.
    There are quite a few ideas out there but basically what’s being said is that current governance and management systems are not as appropriate as some others.
    These include:
    Polycentric, multilayered institutions that allow adaptive responses at appropriate scales.
    Participatory, transdisciplinary, equity pillared (ecohealth approach)
    Social learning

    So, let’s forget talking about old ideas like democracy and talk about real voices in management and governance and introduce new concepts that include us.

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