Lyneham Community Association

11 – Lyneham Commons Food Forest

Lyneham Commons was established in 2014 as a community-run public food forest.  It is run according to permaculture principles – for instance, lupins and acacias introduce nitrogen to the soil and flowering plants attract pollinators.  All members of the community are free to help out in the Commons and to use its produce. Monthly working bees are held in the morning on the first Sunday of the month (check the Lyneham Commons Facebook page for details).

In the early 20th Century this area was known as the district of ‘Ainslie’.  It was only in the 1950s that it became designated as the suburb of Lyneham. [source: CDHS].  From this site you can see two sites of interest from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  • Lyneham Primary School oval was the site of the Ainslie cricket ground, used in the late 19th century for matches between the Ginninderra and Canberra teams on land owned by Peter Shumack [source: Hall School Museum and Heritage Centre]
  • Lyneham High School oval was the site of the ‘Ainslie Amusement Hall’ – constructed in 1915 in an area that was designated by Walter Burley Griffin as an industrial area for Canberra – it was used for community events such as ‘farewell’ and ‘welcome home’ parties for soldiers during World War 1 [source: CDHS]
1. Lyneham Commons – early Spring 2021
2. Lyneham Commons Food Forest
3. Lyneham Commons, Winter 2021
4. Lyneham High School Oval