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Community Input at Lyneham Primary Fete

Great to see so many people engaged with future possibilities for Lyneham Oval and the wider area. The Lyneham Community Association had a steady stream of people at our stall at the fete, keen to add their ideas to our maps and to chat about their suggestions for improvements to the district. Thanks to everyone who contributed.


Here are the ideas we received (some more than once, and in no particular order):

  • Community vegetable gardens, shared between schools and community (between LPS and creek)
  • BMX trail for little kids
  • More trees (between LPS and creek)
  • BBQ and shelter shed (opposite Lyneham Commons)
  • Planting and seating at the shops. More murals!
  • Fitness stations along the creak (between Mouat St and the LPS-LHS bike path)
  • Roundabout at intersection of Goodwin and Wattle
  • Sculptures in the pond and surrounds at Lyneham wetlands
  • Q: is the wetlands pump functional? properly maintained? is the biotype destroyed when the pond is emptied?
  • Upgrade De Burgh St playground (more shade needed)
  • Reclaim Sullivans Creek (between Mouat St and LPS-LHS bike path). That is, get rid of the concrete and make it appear natural.
  • More tree plantings in area east of creek just south of Mouat St.
  • Fenced in off-leash dog park in area east of creek just south of Mouat St.
  • Better drop-off zone along Brigalow St for LPS
  • Public playground and gazebo (on oval near Brigalow St and LPS)
  • Soccer field on oval
  • Upgrade oval (not so much to competition level, but for informal activities)
  • Walking loop around oval (viz Harrison Park)
  • Lighting for oval
  • Safer crossing for children at intersection of Longstaff and Lewin
  • More play equipment at Magpie Hill (already good, could improve)
  • Reactivate BBQ at North Lyneham park
  • Footpath through to Swindon St (near Hockey Centre) from Light Rail stop on Northbourne near Netball Centre
  • Fix and revive North Lyneham Oval. Currently not fit for use except dogs pooing.
  • Need an Access Centre (especially for older residents)

Feel free to add your ideas, or comment on those above…

Light Up Lyneham

On Saturday 29 July 2017 the Lyneham Community Association held the inaugural Light Up Lyneham event and over 500 people joined us.

It featured a Lantern Walk at sunset around the beautifully lit Lyneham Wetlands, live music, food and product stalls, and the brilliantly lit lion from the Prosperous Mountain Lion Dance group.

The aim of this event was to mark half way through winter and brighten a cold winter night. The depths of winter can be very cold in Canberra and we don’t have a strong culture of celebrating aspects of winter. We’re inclined to turn inwards and stay at home, so this event was created to remind people about the strong community ties that exist in their neighbourhood.

This event was kindly supported by Pete Lyon (of The Cashews fame) who provided his wonderful music to warm the event, the stall holders at the event — Lyneham Primary School P&C, the Black Mountain Girl Guides, North Canberra Burley Griffin Girl Guides, the Crossroads Church, Lisa Tozer from The Interview Coach, and Lisa Burkart’s Recycled Winter Clothing. We received funding for the event from the North Canberra Community Council who in turn are funded by the ACT Government.




Survey Results

We’ve processed the responses received so far to the 2017 Survey. Thanks to those people who took part. Your input is valuable.

Overall, the respondents valued the local community, green spaces and the local trees. Their greatest concerns were traffic and footpaths, and strongest wish was the increased use of community facilities.

Lyneham Wetlands2

Suggested focus for the LCA was improving the usability of parks, ovals and wetlands, monitoring development applications, and building community.

You can see the full analysis and responses in the interim survey report.