Urban infill thoughts from Sacramento

Urban infill thoughts from Sacramento

Sacramento is a small city a little larger than the population of Canberra. (480,000 people). Whilst it no doubt has significant differences  in topology, density and it’s close proximity to a much larger centre, San Francisco, there are some relevant observations to be made in comparison to Canberra.

Interesting to see the differences, and similarities, in the Sacramento Councils thoughts about densification and urban infill compared to our ACT Government Ministers.

The Sacramento City Council are also installing ‘Street Cars‘ (i.e. ACT Metro?), though on a much more limited scale.

Of interest is one of the primary objectives in this planning process:
“To create and maintain a predictable and supportive development review process for infill development.”
It’s arguable that our ACT Government and it’s Directorates are still a little haphazard in their consistency, predictability and support of community needs.

The infill strategy guides notes:
Effective infill programs and projects are those where the community is informed
and involved in the process. This usually includes educating the community on
the goals and benefits of infill, listening and responding to their concerns, and
ensuring high quality and safe design.”

Here’s a few examples of the City of Sacramento fulfilling it’s urban infill plans, in a city of 480,00 people…..

Sacramento 2_RP INFILL CURTIS PARK HOME Sacramento CADA Gateway-Fremont Site 4 2011 Sacramento MercyHousingProject_083112DM-304



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