Urban design thoughts from Canada

Urban design thoughts from Canada

Our Northern hemisphere neighbours share many similarities and the Australian economy  and lifestyle is often paralleled against it’s far Northern counterpart.

Some interesting thoughts on suburban sprawl and transport in this YouTube video (20min).

Reference to public mobility innovations in other countries make this all the more interesting. Worth the watch.

The term ‘Obesegenic’ as a description of an urban environment where disincentives to physical activity result in poor health outcomes is most intriguing.

Two thoughts come to mind here,
a) if we supply an ACT Metro and local residents are delivered ‘door to door’ this provides little encouragement for physical activity in our daily movements.
b) The current design of our local shopping centres and their relative distance from an increasingly dense population on transport corridors may result in more vehicular traffic to those shopping centres. We in Canberra do not have the option of the ‘corner store’ (e.g. 7-Eleven), by design. Is this really a good thing?

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