Newsletter – November 2020

Newsletter – November 2020

It is good to see the weather warming up and the COVID restrictions lifting further. Now is a great time to get out and explore the parks and open space around our lovely suburb. Read on for some more suggestions of activities.

        December Gathering        

The LCA Committee is going outdoors for its end-of-year meeting! Join us on Monday 7 December at 6pm on Magpie Hill. BYO food and drinks and something to sit on.

We will have an overview of the ideas for the park developed by the Parkcare group, as well as a rundown of the LCA Heritage Trail project and our other activities.

We’d love to see as many members (and new faces!) as possible, while being suitably covid-safe.

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         Welcome Pack          

We are developing an online ‘Welcome Pack’ for new residents in our suburb, pointing out the special features of our area and the services and resources available. Some of these are already listed on the ‘Community Character’ page of our our website.

If you’ve got suggestions of what should be included please get in touch. Perhaps what you wish you’d known when you first came to the Lyneham and O’Connor area?

     LCA Election Day Stall     

It was great to see everyone who dropped by for a chat at our table at the shops on ACT election day.

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions about what you love about living in Lyneham, and how we can better bring our community together.

Here is a collation of the sticky notes of ideas and the notes on our map of the suburb.

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        Planning issues        

After the results of the ACT election we are hoping for some improvements to the ACT’s planning system. Through our involvement in the North Canberra Community Council we are keeping a watch on development proposals in our area and engaging where we can.

A proposal to rezone part of the Canberra Racecourse (which is actually part of Lyneham) for development has become public but details are scarce. We are expecting some public consultation to occur soon.

If you would like to be involved in our planning sub-committee then please contact us.

        Working Bees        

Join the Lyneham Commons group at their working bee on the first Sunday of December. See their Facebook page for details.

For other working bee opportunities, check the Banksia St Wetlands group Facebook page.

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     Gazebo and table for loan     

If you’re holding a social or community event and need an 3mx3m portable gazebo or 2m long folding table, LCA now have them for short-term loan to members.

Just contact us with your dates. To avoid disappointment it’s probably best to arrange a week or two in advance. There is no charge but a refundable bond will be required.

        Garage Sale Trail        

The national Garage Sale Trail is on again on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November. This weekend is a great way to declutter, fundraise and meet your neighbours. In last year’s Garage Sale Trail, 750 garage sales and stalls were registered in the ACT alone.

Register to host a garage sale, sign up for Trail Tutorials, or search a local map of garage sales in your area! Go to their website for details.

Conservation Council Auction

The Conservation Council ACT Region has launched its 2020 Christmas Fundraising Auction which has over 90 items left on sale. 

Proceeds from the auction will go to helping protect the ACT environment.

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         New Members        

We love new members, and want even more!

So we’re asking you to encourage your friends and neighbours to join.

The more members we have, the more support we can provide each other and the more attention we can get from our local politicians.

Joining is free and open to everyone over 16 years of age, living in Lyneham or north O’Connor. Join online at

You can always email us at or go to our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you around the suburb some day soon!

The LCA Committee

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