What is Lyneham made of?

What is Lyneham made of?

ABS gives a statistical profile of Lyneham

Full url: http://stat.abs.gov.au/itt/r.jsp?RegionSummary&region=801051057&dataset=ABS_NRP9_ASGS&geoconcept=REGION&datasetASGS=ABS_NRP9_ASGS&datasetLGA=ABS_NRP9_LGA&regionLGA=REGION&regionASGS=REGION

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  1. waterwoman

    I know that no-one seems to care about the facts, but here are some more:

    This data was current in 2012.

    There are more Lyneham residents over 65 than under 15.
    54.54% of households in Lyneham are families and 45.46% of households are singles or group households.
    Most ‘families’ in Lyneham were childless in 2011.
    The median age of Lyneham residents is 35.3.

    I still wonder how such a strong focus on children as our community takes precedence. I draw attention to questions made last year…what does THIS community need? Elderly people don’t need a sports hall. Has anyone been asking them what they need?

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