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LCA Statement and petition details

Lyneham Community Association is very mindful that it’s members and residents bring a range of differing views to discussions and the methods by which we all, together, can ensure the best outcomes for keeping Lyneham Loveable and Liveable.

We wholly endorse and support any means by which Lyneham residents can express their views and positions to the decision makers of our government and it’s related departments.

LCA are not supportive of the current BCC proposal.

A petition declaring opposition to private entities being granted leases for private development is being circulated at the Lyneham Shops, at school fronts and by door to door, over the next month.
The Save Lyneham Oval website has been launched and you can contact the organisers through that website. If you would like to assist in the gathering of signatures, please make contact through the website above.

It is hoped this petition will be sponsored by an ACT MLA to the Assembly at the next sitting period, commencing August 4th.

Some members and friends of LCA, residents and supporters of the Lyneham Neighbourhood Oval will be distributing the petition and will be able to provide you with any additional information and background. Much of it has already been documented on the LCA website.

We encourage you to sign the petition if you agree with it.