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Hockey ACT proposal – 2nd July

Hockey ACT will be providing an information session in relation to a proposal for the redevelopment of the National Hockey Centre facilities and additional site uses at its Greenway and Lyneham sites.

All are welcome to attend the local information session on 2nd July.

Venue: The Australia Lounge, National Hockey Centre, 196 Mouat St, Lyneham

The event is presented as an information ‘drop-in’ session of which you may attend anytime between 7:30pm and 9:00pm

A ppt outlining the background.

A project narrative.

Community information session open invitation.

BCC development proposal 2nd meeting

The SRS, BCC and LCA facilitated a second community meeting to discuss the BCC proposal on Wednesday 17th June.

Just under 100 people attended and the meeting presented the revised proposal from BCC with additions regarding a ‘Community Precinct’ for the wider LNO area and a reserved space for possible, but yet undetermined, Lyneham Primary School expansion.

The pdf of the presentation is here . (29MB – large file)

The MOU regarding use of the facilities is here.

The responses to the initial questions and concerns raised at the first meeting is here.

Melanie Spencer, acting Principal of BCC, advised that her personal input was provided to the design to attempt to meet broad community needs.

Gary Rake, Deputy Director-General at ACT Government, Economic Development Directorate, presented the options considered and discussed the vision of how the Lyneham Precinct and and the BCC proposal fit into the LNO space.

The proposed ‘Lyneham Precinct’ has no legislative instrument to support it, nor any funding for future works.

A large portion of the Oval is proposed to be reserved for potential future expansion of Lyneham Primary School.

The ‘revised’ proposal by BCC had some additional rooms removed, but is otherwise of much the same scale and seeks to develop the same area of Oval as the first proposal. There are some additional facilities for sporting use and storage, and a lockable bbq. The proposed building footprint is 900sq metres.

A number of outstanding concerns were raised again by Lyneham residents during the meeting, mostly regarding appropriation of PRZ1 Urban Open Space by a private entity.

Concerns were also raised about traffic and safety, if both LPS and BCC grew significantly.

BCC community stakeholders raised their own concerns in response regarding traffic and that not all the traffic is a result of BCC. One BCC community member declared that if nothing was done with the oval it is more than likely ‘up for development’.

The meeting canvassed a range of views from the floor and Shane Rattenbury provided closing comments.

Shane Rattenbury and Gary Rake both noted that no decision had yet been made on whether the BCC proposal would progress.

LCA and it’s members are appreciative of the efforts to hold the meeting and discuss proposals before any progression of a DA by BCC.