Lyneham Summer Soiree: Sunday 12 February 2017

Join us for our first ever Lyneham Community Association Summer Soiree!


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This event is also sponsored by the North Canberra Community Council (NCCC) who in turn receive funds from the ACT Government.

Tree Removal near Sullivan’s Creek

Before After
trees-before tree1

Over a dozen trees next to the Sullivan’s Creek bike path were cut down last week, apparently without the required permission of the ACT Tree Protection unit.

Most of the trees were of sufficient height and girth to be considered ‘significant’ trees, requiring permission to remove. While there has been some doubt whether the trees were on public land or on Brindabella Christian College’s land, it makes little difference: authorisation is required to remove a significant tree on private land, and only the government is entitled to cut down a tree on public land.

The Brindabella Christian College (BCC) received development approval in August for the construction of a new classroom building on the northwest corner of their block, near Brigalow St. That approval included permission to remove 7 trees on the footprint on the proposed building. Those trees were removed on or about the same day as the 16 trees on and outside the BCC’s eastern boundary near the bike path along Sullivan’s Creek.

There has been speculation that the unauthorised removal of the 16 trees is associated with the BCC construction, as site offices have been placed in the area cleared of trees. Many local residents have contacted the LCA, incensed at what they see as yet another example of BCC’s disregard for the amenity of the local community and of due process.

You can listen to an interview broadcast on 666 ABC Canberra on Wednesday 12 October.