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The LCA is looking at attracting funding to improve Lyneham (think in the range $5,000-$20,000).

We need your ideas about what sort of projects you’d like to see in the local area.

Please leave your idea in a comment below. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Community Project

  1. I would like to apply for a grant to upgrade the look and feel of the Lyneham shops. Dickson shops is currently attempting to create a community feel and I think Lyneham shops could benefit from more garden beds, artist garden sculptures, picnic tables and mural artwork on the ugly IGA walls. Downer shops feels friendly but I don’t get that sense walking between IGA and the chemist.

  2. I am often asked for directions to the ridge, wetlands, playgrounds, different churches and the Buddhist temple when out and about. Perhaps a large, permanent and local artist developed ‘community map’ installed at the Lyneham shops could be an option for funding to help with wayfinding places for interest in our area for locals and visitors?

  3. Would be great to have some story -telling and history of Ngunnawal connection to so-called Sullivan’s Creek along the paths, correlating with amenities to create gathering and community spaces.

    And a creek that actually resembles a creek, we wish! This is surely every inner-norther’s dream, is it at all a planning possibility? I’m imagining not with current increase in non-permeable surfaces in the area..?

  4. I want to see a bbq area and some gym/play equipment in the NE corner of LPS oval, adjacent the Commons. If we build activity we also make the area safer for transit.
    Either this or a total revamp of the play ground area North of wetlands.

  5. Also agree with the outdoor gym. Great idea.

    Martus’ suggestions for Sullivan’s Creek are also fantastic but would require much more than the $20K being sought. Maybe in an attempt to build bridges (both figurative and literal), Brindabella could chip in with the shortfall. 😉

    But seriously, perhaps the LCA could talk to Planning ACT or the relevant department to do some back-of-the-envelope scoping on how much a rejuvenated Sullivan’s Creek would cost? Ballpark at this stage so that thought could be given on how to fund it. You may find a property developer (sigh… like the inevitable block of units that will spring up in the Lyneham Motor Inn site) might kick in some money for the project if it improves the location’s natural beauty and amenity (ala the pitch for Googong).

    Anyway, just an idea. Us peoples can dream.

    1. No more bike things!! They are already well catered for. Millions spent at Stromlo. If anyone starts lobbying to turn the Oval into yet another bloody bike venue I will lobby against it!
      If you want ‘adventure biking’ in the area we used to go into OConnor Ridge all the time, theres heaps of spots, trails and jumps, we were somewhere between 8 and 12yo, we didnt need supervision or some manufactured space. And we came home alive! gee, imagine that.
      Learn to trust yourselves and your children.

  6. I’d like to see a focus on Sullivan’s Creek, particularly alongside Lyneham Neighbourhood Oval: gravel pathways winding through trees, shrubs, a picnic table or two, occasional seating, maybe play equipment, and Jodie’s outdoor gym. I’d also like to see the rejuvenation of the creek itself: let’s remove all the concrete and have a pleasant stream to sit beside and contemplate.

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