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Doggie Xmas Party !!

The now annual traditional Doggie Xmas Party is being hosted by our wonderful Lyneham residents on 20th December, this Sunday ! Because our fur family deserve a Xmas too !

Bring yourself, your fur friend(s) and some treats for humans and their masters. Champagne is perfectly acceptable !

Xmas Dogs

Where: Lyneham High School water tank, we can move under the trees if it’s too hot.

When: 10am Sunday December 20th

Why: Just because.

Hope to see you there!

Dogs here


ACT Planning Table Talk – first responses

A small group of us met to discuss how we could respond to Mick Gentleman’s questions.

Our first meeting generated interesting discussion and debate and we proposed, as an initial working draft, the following points:

Requirement of a broad mix of housing types and adaptive housing for future needs.
Disability and aged housing requirements to ensure a social mix.
Open thoroughfares in and through building spaces, not enclosed, exclusive environments. (Axis apartments was noted as a case in point, in contrast to the public spaces in the recent Braddon apartment developments).
Developments be inclusive of retail, restaurant and other public areas to encourage visitation and liveliness.
Open Space to be regarded as a valuable community asset.
No encroachment on Open Space.
A developer contribution should be levied for upkeep and enhancement of adjacent, or nearby, Open Space.

More liberal design parameters to encourage more exciting buildings and facades.
Territory Plan firm guidelines for green, efficient and solar passive buildings.
Allowance for design flexibility set on a basic set of parameters which accord to green building design.

That planning intent statements incorporate a building lifecycle, not a public office term, and that they provide surety by being in place for 20, 30 or 40 years, not 3-5 years as proposed.
Territory Plan incorporates making inviolate certain principles regarding the current viable used open spaces, the preservation of character and design of suburbs based on measured, validated evidence driven assessments.
Encouragement for ‘pop-up’ retailers and accessibility for a broader range of users.
Broader precinct design across urban landscapes (i.e. not just in Group Centres, or on Light Rail lines) to encourage movement through the landscape and increased use of walkways, cycle paths and Public Open Space.

That’s a brief list of ideas congealed from a few interested folk in just on one hour. We do encourage your attendance at the next ‘Table Talk’ meetings before our opportunity to respond closes. All ideas and thoughts are welcome and valid.

Stay tuned for the next event, very soon. Sign up to become a member of LCA, or just get on our mailing list.