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PhotoCompPoster2Over a year ago, Covid-19 struck Canberra and changed the way we spent time in our secluded inner-north pocket. The locals of Lyneham spent more time at home, got more take-away coffees from Tilley’s or The Front, and enjoyed longer walks around the Wetlands. This new sense of place is the inspiration behind the Community Photo Celebration. Through a lens, we want you to show us what Lyneham means to you in 2021. While we are just one suburb, we hold many stories. We hope to see and celebrate these myriad stories through photos, taken from anyone who has a connection with Lyneham and North O’Connor. As part of this celebration through photos, the Lyneham Community Association is holding four related events: a Photographic Competition and Exhibition; a Photo Scavenger Hunt; and a Photo Walk.


19 June 2021, 3-6pm

What is it?
The Photography Exhibition and Celebration will showcase all the entries shared by participants in the Photography Competition and Scavenger Hunt. We will also award a range of great prizes, including for those who entered the Scavenger Hunt. The afternoon will be a great way for residents and Lyneham-lovers to come together and celebrate what is special about our part of Canberra. Come to meet your neighbour or a new friend!

Who can attend?
The exhibition is open for anyone to attend, and we encourage families to bring your children along. To abide by COVID-safe regulations, you must register for free here and use the Check in CBR app on arrival.


Photographic Competition

12 April – 9 May 2021

What is it?
A photography competition that captures all you love about Lyneham in a single snapshot. Entries will be open for entries between 12 April and 9 May 2021 and will culminate in an Opening Night Exhibition and Celebration on 12 June 2021. All entries will be shared on the LCA website during and after the competition.

We are looking for original digital photos of what Lyneham means to those who live, work, study or play here. Photos must be taken within the Lyneham and North O’Connor boundary (see map below) between April 2020 and April 2021.

Photos may be of anything, but some ideas to inspire you are:

● Community
● Connection
● People
● Built environment
● Natural environment
● Culture
● Home
● Activity
● COVID (what Lyneham meant for you during lockdown)

Photos may be taken during the associated events of the Photo Scavenger Hunt and/or Photo Walk, but are not restricted to these activities.

When you submit your photo/s we will ask you to share the story behind the photo; these stories may also be shared during the opening night exhibition and shared online.

Select and submit up to 5 of you best photos for a chance to win!

Who can enter?
The photography competition is inclusive as it is designed so that ALL people of all ages and all abilities can participate; anyone who has a connection with Lyneham or North O’Connor can enter. If that is you, then today is your lucky day! What’s even better is that there are special categories for young people.

There are categories to suit everyone:
● 10 years and under
● 11-18 years old
● Open

How to enter?
To be eligible for prizes, entries must be submitted digitally via this online form. For children under 18, the parent/ guardian may complete the entry form. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Entries can be shared by tagging @LynehamACT on Facebook and Instagram and using the hashtags #LynehamACT and #MyLyneham. Note that these photos must also be submitted using the online form to be eligible for prizes.


Photo Scavenger Hunt

12-25 April 2021

What is it?
The Photo Scavenger Hunt is an online event that encourages everyone to explore Lyneham and North O’Connor between 12 to 25 April 2021 and take photos of ten themed ‘clues’. The clues for the Scavenger Hunt will be revealed on the 12th April on the website, Facebook and Instagram and related photos must be submitted by midnight on 25 April.


1. Community
2. Food
3. Shortcut
4. Close to nature
5. Art
6. Activity
7. Something from a distance
8. Learning
9. Belief/ worship
10. Joy

Who can enter?
The Scavenger Hunt is open to everyone and people can participate as much or as little as they like. We also encourage you to team up with friends or family, or your local group to explore more of the area together.

How to enter?
From 12 -25 April, you can share your Scavenger Hunt photos by tagging @LynehamACT on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #LynehamACT and #MyLyneham.

To enter the prize draw, you will need to enter a photo for each of the 10 clues, plus a selfie or photo of the individual/ team who completed the Scavenger Hunt. Include these 11 photos in a single post on your own page, tag @LynehamACT and add your hashtags OR post your photos directly to our Eye Spy My Lyneham page @eyespymylyneham – that’s it!


Photo Walk

2 May 2021, 3pm

What is it?
The Photo Walk is a chance to see Lyneham at its best. The Photo Walk is a semi-guided
walk around Lyneham led by a photography enthusiast. If you are a photography enthusiast, or just love walking around the neighbourhood and meeting other residents, then the Photo Walk is the perfect Sunday activity for you.

Who can attend?
This event is open to anyone and everyone. We want as many people as possible to rock up with their cameras to take snapshots of this beautiful neighbourhood we’re so lucky to call home. Don’t hesitate to bring friends, even if they do live on the south side!

To ensure we abide by COVID-19 regulations, you will need to register for this event here, where you will also find details of meeting location and what to bring.